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SaveDrives is an App which is meant to be used in your car. It records the images in front of the car, saves the drives on your smartphone and reaches out in case of an accident.

SaveDrives offers 4 functions in one:
  • Record your drive
  • Map your drive
  • Browse your drives
  • Call out for help
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Record what happens in front of your car and view it back later. Save special events like accidents or peculiar situations on the road.

SaveDrives app store
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Map your Drive

View your current position on the map while recording.

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Browse your drives

Browse through your drives. See the routes and distances you drove per day.

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Call out for Help

Alert your next of kin and twitter followers. SaveDrives detects when you have an accident and sends emergency mails with your location and the situation on impact.

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how does it work?

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What people say

Great app. Easy to use and makes me feel secure in my car, knowing I can replay what I see on the road.
Fab Burghouts
Hope I don’t have to use the SOS function... But it’s good to know SaveDrives can save me when needed.
Max Pierey
This is a one of a kind App.
It’s extremely easy to use, will be invaluable in the case of road accidents and has nice features similar to a board-computer.
Roel van Anholt
Fun and Safety…wow! It’s not only fun to shoot my road trip, knowing that my family is signalled when things go wrong makes me and my family feel more at ease.
Remco Orsouw